Friday, 10 May 2019

Modi means Majboot Sarkar: Rao


Chandigarh BJP was pleased to hold the Press Conference of Muralidhar Rao today afternoon. The press conference was held by Sanjay Tandon, BJP Chandigarh chief, Rajesh Kalia, Mayor, Ramvir Bhatti and Satinder Singh Joint conveners of the Election Management Committee, Ravinder Pathania, BJP Chandigarh Media in charge, and Gaurav Goel, BJYM Chandigarh president. 

Muralidhar Rao said that he had extensively travelled across the nation during the last five phases of polling and it was very clear from his experience that the elections were being fought in the style of Modi versus the rest. "From Kerala to Kashmir it became very clear that the only campaign of the opposition parties was against Modi and nothing else. They all are bereft of ideas and policies of how to make this nation a better place.

It is, in fact, an advantage for the BJP that the only war cry of the opposition political parties in their campaigns is anti-Modi. The swing voters are clearly seeing through these political parties' negative campaign against Modi."  

He even talked about the divisive politics that the Congress party and its president i.e. Rahul Gandhi are playing. Rao also shed light on the tweets of Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah where they are demanding for two Prime Ministers in our country. "Congress is silently admitting to the balkanization of India which is very dangerous trend that they are resorting to", Rao said.

He also added that the BJP and the Jan Sangh has neither politicized nor worked against national interest ever. 

Be it the 1971 War or the UN Geneva meeting where despite being in opposition Mr Narasimha Rao sent Mr. Vajpayee as an envoy. Rao concluded by saying that every vote that is cast for Narendra Modi stands for preserving the unity and sovereignty of our great nation.

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